October 3, 2013

Persecute ~ The Exclusive Reveal

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Written by: Crazy Klino
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Many years ago, Magic came out with ‘Persecute’, a card which I always thought was overrated.  I mean, once you get up to four mana, you get the chance to see if a color may be in your opponent’s hand.  If it is, then your opponent discards those cards.  This usually may cause, at best, three or four cards to be discarded if your opponent has a full hand and if it’s a mono colored deck.  As you can see, there’s a lot of “ifs” floating around.  Odds are, you’ll get one or two cards to be discarded – if you’re lucky.

Now, enter Hex’s ‘Persecute’.

Now, that’s a lot more like it!  For half the mana, you now get a Blood Basic Action that can actually do something for you – provided you use the card on the right opponent’s Troop.

While there may be a common misconception at first that it’s worthless in drafts (which I’ll go into later about why that’s not the case), Persecute makes up for it by being obviously invaluable in constructed play against opponents that use more than one copy of a Troop in a deck.  While it’s normal for players to use four copies of the same Troop card in a deck, these Troops are usually not the high mana cost Troops, as those are likely going to be in the deck only once or twice.  In this way, we know that Persecute is properly balanced (and if you happen to run into that rare player that is rocking four copies of a high mana Troop, you can teach him or her a lesson in proper deckbuilding with this card).  While the power of this card will decline slightly with each new set that comes out, during Set 1 it will never be stronger, as there will be a limited amount of Troops to choose from.

The smart play is to use Persecute on a low mana cost common Troop, as these will most likely be the cards that your opponent will have four copies of.  However, if your opponent is known to have a large collection, then please don’t hesitate to use this card on a low cost Troop of any rarity.  Another good way to decide which Troop to use it on is if one appears to be a win condition or a key component to your opponent’s deck combo.

The bottom line is that if you have four copies of Persecute, and are successfully able to use them on an opponent Troop with four copies each, you could theoretically destroy a dozen additional Troops with these four cards.

Right now, we don’t know exactly how PvE will work, but it’s a safe bet that these theme decks used by PvE opponents will be using multiple copies of Troops, so Persecute will likely be a great addition to PvE decks – especially for those who are able to rock both pieces of The Tribunal Equipment.

And last, but not least – remember when I implied earlier that there are some situations for Persecute in draft games?  Well, the reason I said that is this – there are a lot of cards in Hex that create the same Troop over and over again.  What better way to remove these identical Troops than with Persecute?  What may end up being a last round pick may become your best sleeper pick of the draft!

I’d like to thank Cryptozoic Entertainment and my fellow administrators for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity.  I really appreciate it.

Feel free to discuss Persecute here or leave a comment below.

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  1. Dralon

    I love the art on this card. And I am curious on figuring out ways to use this, perhaps even on your own created battle hoppers with the Eulogist, High Tomb lord and Blood Bearer :)

  2. mauvebutterfly

    That’s one way to shut down a Pack Raptor deck :p

  3. biodog94

    I have come across in drafts quite a few times that my opponent chose fast play creatures with sometimes up to 7-8 of the same ones mixed in. but i see in my mind a field of battle hoppers being decimated as you slap this on one followed by Murder, clearing the field.

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